Raleigh Vintage Magic - Quality Magician Collectibles
Warren HamiltonWestern Cups & Balls Set ( Tayade, c.1970's )Nielsen - OkitoClint RiedelThayerOwen Magic Supreme
P&L Mfg. Co.Mak Magic Co.Collectors' WorkshopU.F. Grant - ArturoAbbott's Magic Co.Harry Leat
Harold RiceOkito - Nielsen MagicMikame CraftMysto MagicOwen Magic SupremeMikame Craft
Kellar Style TableGolden's Magic WandMilson - WorthShermsConradiOwen Magic Supreme
Mikame CraftCarl BremaOwen Magic SupremeThayerRichard ResorChinse Sticks ( Owen Decals )
Harries (Sweden)Owen Bros. /  finish by Ron ReidBob KlineOwen Magic SupremeA.C. Gilbert / MystoSherms Letterhead
The Great Raymond LetterheadFredrik The GreatMysto Mfg. Co. LetterheadVirgil & Julie LetterheadThe Great Blackstone LettrheadGilbert / Mysto
Kellar signed Norm Nielsen PrintLightner The Wizard BrochureWallace Ticket SheetVenture 3 Catalog LotBlackstone Catalog / Pitch Book Mysterious Smith Poster (c.1930's )
Alexander Poster ( c.1920's )Harry Thurston Throw Card  ( c.1930's )The Amazing Kreskin ( c.1960's )Tayade Magic Catalog ( c.1970's )Mysto Mfg. Co, Magic Catalog ( c.1911 )Golden's Magic Wand
Zenith Magic SetMerit Magic Set  ( England )Owen Magic SupremeMarshall  ( Bloom from Wand )Antique Magic Set  ( England )Jack Hughes
Fantasio ShermsRings - N - Things 2Mak Magic Co.Tricks Co.  (Japan)Okito Foldout
 Stock Poster (Germany)Ultimate Thayer SetBob Kline BookKim Kee Throw CardThurston Throw CardsTricks Co. ( Japan )
Clint RiedelU.F. GrantTayade  (India)Loftus Rainbow Billiard Ball Set  (very early Loftus item)Owen Magic Supreme ( Haunted Candle )Whispering Imps Decks
Antique Phantom TubeClassic Magic Series SupplementsTim StarChinese Comedy Egg CanOwen Magic Supreme The Great Ching Chang Poster
Colin Rose ( 5 of Hearts Magic )Chandu Magic SetGolden's Magic WandDick PisnerClarence MillerBlitz early Pitch Book
Chicago Magic Center CatalogYost & Co. Magic CatalogDel Arno Magic CatalogThayer Quality Magic CatalogNational Magic Co. CatalogHarry Kellar (signed letter)
Harry HoudiniThe Great BlackstoneRare Magician Pitch BookMystic Graig ( Vanishing Bird Cage Book,signed )Mysterious Brown PosterOwen Magic Supreme
The Magic Hands ( Germany )Merv TaylorJanos Bartl   (Germany)Clint RedielAntique Floating Ball ( Ala Jean Huggard )Chalet Magic Co.
Abbott's Magic Co.P&L Mfg. Co.E-Z Magic Co.Tenyo Magic  (Japan)Mak Magic Co.Japanese Fanning Decks
Mad Blood CreationsPresto Magic Set  (1950's)U.F. GrantMephisto Haus (Belgium)Ball & Vase  (Germany)Harold Rice Silks
Milson - WorthAbbott's Mfg. Co.Viking Mfg. Co.Chalet Magic Co.Harold Rice SilksGreat Lee Brochure
Loring Campbell BrochureR.W. Hull Brochure  ( Rare ! )Nicola BrochureDr. Harlan Tarbell BrochureDejen & Co. BrochureWarfield Throw Card
The Great Raymond Throw CardTampa Throw Card  ( Rare ! )Willard Throw CardLightner The Wizard Throw CardMerlin Throw Card ( H. Tarbell, orig. artwork )James Sworger
U.F. GrantArturoRice's Haunted Chimney's Warren HamiltonFloyd ThayerAbbott's Mfg. Co.
Sly Rielly  (Chinese Idol)Mysto Mfg. Co.Floyd ThayerMagician's Shirt  (Raleigh Vintage Magic)Linking Ring Box ( Raleigh Vintage Magic / Michael Baker )Grant / Arturo   ( Gorgeous Set ! )
Gilbert / Mysto Magic SetP&L Mfg. Co.Sam BerlandTenyo Magic  ( Japan )The Magic Hands  ( Germany )Kellar Stamp Set
Laurant BookKeene Token / TagThe Great RaymondWill Goldston BookOkito  (singed holidays card) Magician Harold 12" x 16" (c.1930's )
Magician Card  ( c.1930's )Albo ( Magicians Table Book )Magician Ben Franklin  IVProfessor De La Mano  (c.1874)Kim Kee ( One of a kind ) c.1940'sHarold Poster  (c.1930's)
Harold Poster  (c.1930's)The Great Raymond  (sm. poster, c.1910)Magician Ben Franklin IV Lot (c.1940's)24 ft. Rice Streamer  (Rice Silk King Studio)Confetti Box ( from The Kim Kee Magic Show, c.1940's )Continental Cabinet  (Abbott's Mfg. Co.)
Chinese Die Box  (U.F. Grant,c.1950's) Dragon Silk Backdrop 6ft. x 6ft.Abbott's Magic Co.Mak Magic Co.E-Z Magic Co.Owen Magic Supreme
Russ WalshVintage Goofus PlantP&L Mfg. Co.  (Magic Catalog, c.1959)Martinelz Magic MartTenyo / Fantasio   ( Rare ! )The Great Ching Chang  ( assorted lot )
Mak Magic Co.  (1970's)Botania ThurstonSiamese Ribbon  (Alan Warner)Tayade  (1970's)Kim Kee Show Side Table  (c.1940's)
Warren Hamilton  (c.1960)James RainhoFantasio Don RedmonWarren Simms  (c.1950)Abbott's Mfg. Co.
Candle & Glass Fantasy  (c.1970's)Oriental Die Box  (Magic House of Babcock)Chinese Snowstorm KitKai - Tak Rice Bowl SetSoo BookHomer Hudson Die Box  (Original)
Adam's  (c.1960's)Owen Decals  ( Mak Magic Co. / Owen Magic Supreme)Baffle Box  (Supreme Magic Co.)Chink Penetration  ( England )Fakir  (England)Devil's Nails  (Michael Baker)
X - Ray Box  (Cassini Magic Creations)Authentic Chinese Robe  (China)Candy Bowl  (Paul Fox, c.1950's)Turkish Turmoil  ( Rare orange variation, c.1970's )Jewel of Denial   ( Nielson Magic )Devil Mug  (Germany,c.1930's)
Vanishing Glass Milk Picture  (c.1960's)Card Frame  (Milson - Worth)Spurting Rice Bowls  (Abbott's Mfg. Co.)Tarbell Utility Cone  (Owen Magic Supreme)David Copperfield  ( Double signed early career puzzle card )Antique Magician Wand
Misers Dream  (Tenchi Magic Co. Japan)Super Silk   (Magic Hands, Germany)Joe Ghost   (Don Redmon)Wooden Manipulation Thimbles  (c.1940's)Pixie Silk Box  (Owen Magic Supreme)Flip - Over Chest  (c.1940's)
Dragon Nite - Club Table (Mak Magic Co.)Magician Howard Thurston LotChop Chop & Charlene   (c.1950, signed)Regow's Catalog  (c.1961)Swadling Visible Changing Card (England)Devil Mugs   ( Bayreuth Book , 1973)
Golden Supreme Master Production (Hughes Magic)Mini Rice Bowls  (P&L Mfg. Co.)Al Wheatley / Chop Chop 8" x 10" (c.1950's)The Gypsy Curse SetBran / Confetti Vase  (Davenport's ,England c.1930's)Razor Blade  (Merv Taylor, c.1950)
Houlette & Rising Cards ( Viking Mfg. / C.W. )Comedy Passe Bottle Set  (Owen Magic Supreme)Homar Wizard of The West  (c.1920's)S.S. Henry Postcard  (c.1930)Zaney Blaney  (c.1960's)Prof. Da Le Mano Handbill  (c.1870's)
Carter The Great  (c.1900's)Servais LeRoy Postcard  (c.1910 - 15)Margaret French Magic Poster (c.1920's)Zoe / Canary ( Tom Thumb Show, c.1880's)Francois Blitz  (c.1870's)Madame Olga / Mysterious Smith (signed c.1930's)
Eight Mystic Card Ticks  (c.1930's)Hermann's Magic  (c.1930's)Stock Image (National Litho Co. (c.1910)World's Super Magician (Blackstone, c.1940's)Bill Neff Window Card  (c.1950)Magician Andress  (c.1928)
Julianelly Poster  (Spain,c.1940)Mysto Magic Catalog  (c.1911)Magic of America  (Dr. R. Albo, c.1995)Herman Homar  (c.1920's)Homar Brochure (c.1920's)Brass Production Cage  (c.1900's)
Square Circle  (c.1940's)Vanishing Bird Cage  (Abbott's Mfg. Co. )Homar Spirit Cabinet Poster (c.1920's)Mysterious Smith Promo Book (c.1930's)Mysterious Smith Brochure  (c.1930's)Blocko   (Norm Nielsen, c.1960's)
Homar  "Vanishing Bird Cage"  (c.1920's)C.A. Newmann Poster (c.1920's)Homar Lot  (c.1920's)Newmann Flier  (c.1930)Laurant Show Music  (c.1915)Newmann Poster  (c.1920's)
Hermann Homar Lot (c.1920's)Mora, Duval, Homar, Jossfey (c.1920's)Homar Wizard of The West Lot (c.1920's)Hermann Homar " La Marr  " (c.1920's)Silk Cabinet / Cabby  (Thayer Mfg. c.1930's)Homar Poster  (c.1920's)
Striptease Paddle Trick (Adams' c. 1940's)Magician Hermann Homar Printing Block (c.1920's)Hermann Homar (Personal career scrapbooks) One  A Kind ! c.1920 - 40'sHugard Method Floating Ball Sherms Magic Set Label Framed (c.1930's)The Great Nicola  (signed,c.1943)
Nicola Sepia Postcard  (c.1930)The Great Leon  (c.1950's)The Duval Bros. (c.1921 & 1922)Vanishing Silk Wand  (c.1940's)Laurant Brochure  (c.1920's)Laurant Throw Card  (c.1918)
Houdini Promo Booklet ( W.B. Gibson, c.1953)Young Magician's Table Set  (E. Sewell c.1930 England, very rare !)Gen. Tom Thumb - Bingham Magician (c.1880's)Magician Sidi Ali  (c.1919)Russ Walsh (c.1920)The Great Nicola  (c.1930)
P&L Vanishing Wand Set  (P&L Mfg. Co.)Swish (Creative Magic Products, C.1970's)Mini Square Circle (Merv Taylor, c.1950)Devil's Canister (Mak Magic Co. c.1970's)P&L Utility Tube  ( c.1940's)Egyptian Cups & Balls Set
Double Production Cylinders (U.F. Grant, c.1960's)Reveen  (c.1978)Die Box  (c.1940's)Magician Prof. C. Queen  (c.1882)Imp Bottle  (P&L Mfg. Co., c. 1920's)Circus Wagon Production
Sherms Book  ( D. Haversat, 1993)Tom Thumb Postcard  (c.1880's)Magician Russ Walsh Postcard (c.1940's)The Great Leon Vaudeville Handbill (c.1922)Vanishing Wand (Chrome Tip)  P&L Mfg. Co.Alarm Clock Box  (U.F. Grant)
Mini Lota - Chinese Bottle  (P&L Mfg. Co.)The Little Box ( C. Miller / Chalet )Chop Chop (Al Wheatley) Matchbook Cover (c.1950)Antique Wood Turnings  (c.1900)Ball Vase & Hammer (c.1920, Germany)Antique Coin / Seed Vase (c.1900)
Channing Pollack "Latin Quarter" (c.1959)Magician Channing Pollack  (c.1959)Kai - Tak Rice Bowls (c.1970's)Vampire Cups & Balls SetDemon Cigarette (Davenports, England c.1940's)Crystal Cut Mirror Glass  (Deluxe)
Color Changing Knives Mini FinaleGilbert / Mysto Magic Set 5 A  (c.1950's)Vase & Ball Trick  (England, c.1920's)Jumbo Card TranspositionBirch Brochure  (c.1930's)Kar - Mi Brochure  (c.1916)
Burtini Magic Catalog (England, c.1947)The Doc Nixon BookArturo's Flag Vase  (Arturo - Grant,c.1950's)Potato Box  (U.F. Grant, c.1950's)T. Nelson Downs Grouping (c.1908 - 30's)Chinese Linking Rings (c.1980's)
The Larsens Brochure (c.1940's)Arturo's Chain (Arturo - Grant, c.1950's)Break - A - Way Comedy Pistol (c.1950's)Jumbo Phanto  Tube ( Mak Magic Co. c.1970's)Magician Blackstone Signed Sketch (c.1948)Mysto Magic Lot (c.1930's)
Jumbo Phanto Tube (U.F. Grant, c.1950's)Magician A.C. Gilbert Brochure (Very Rare ! c.1908)Glass Card Houlette (Mysto Magic Co., c.1930's)Chen Lee Water Suspension (U.F. Grant, c.1950's)Cotton To Milk  (U.F. Grant, c.1950's)Magician Virgil  "Cannon" Panel Poster (c.1950's)
Chinese Sticks ( Viking Mfg. Co.) Phanto Flower Vase (Mak Magic Co., c.1970's) Vase - O - Plenty (Dick Pisner, c.1950's) Magician Convention Poster (c.1920's)Liquid Appear  (E-Z Magic Co. c. 1950's)Modern Parlour Conjuring Set (c.1988) Smithsonion Museum
Oriental Fantasy Cabinet (Arturo c.1960's)Cotton / Coffee Vase (Abbott's Mfg. Co.)Dragon Silk Cabby (Arturo, c.1960's)John Calvert Magic Set  (c.1950)Jumbo X - Paramental  (John Shirley, c.1980)Dragon Silk   (E-Z Magic Co.)
Aladdin Ball & Top Set (P&L Mfg. Co, c.1915 - 1917)Jumbo Hippity Hop Rabbits  (U.F. Grant, c.1960's)Question - Able (Supreme Magic Co.c.1970's)Super Silk Transport (Warren Stephens, c.1970's) Far East Silk Cabby (Arturo, c.1960's) Handle Top VariationEgg Bag Set (c.1950's)
Magician Doug Henning Signed Window Card (c.1980's)Sherms Stationary (c.1930's - 40's) Egyptian Chop CupGilbert / Mysto Hank Ball Set (c.1930's)Who Invented The Magic (Signed c.1988)A.C. Gilbert / Mysto Magic Passe Bottle Set (c.1930's)
Magician Herrmann "Good Luck" Coin (c.1901) Mystic Magic Box (c.1920's) Double Dynamite (Roydon, c.1950's) Water Suspension (Mak Magic Co.c.1977) Magician Andruss Signed Letter (c.1929)Miracle Glass (E-Z Magic Co. 1950's)
Super Magic Set (Sherms c.1930's) Kleen - Cut Milk Go (Grant, c.1960's) The Cow Trick (U.F. Grant, c.1955) The Goldston Reader (Collectors' Workshop c.1990 #163 of 300) Acrobatic Silks (U.F. Grant, c 1960's) Magician Production Flowers (Japan, Large Lot )
Card Tricks (Harry Tong, c.1946) Magician Cardini (8x10) Nice ! Janos Bartl Magic Catalog (Germany, c.1920's) Marble Vase (c.1920's)Production Bird Cage (Germany... The Best ! )Deluxe Vampire Block (Viking Mfg. Co. 1990's)
Mysto Magic Set (c.1916)Magician & Apparatus Photo (c.1900)Magician John Shea 8" x 10"  (c.1919)Mysto Mfg. / Harto Catalog (c.1911) Chop Chop's Mental Colorama (c.1950's) Hoo Coin Set  ( c.1940's)
Cups 7 Ball Set  (P&l Mfg. Co. )Magic Of England  (Albo - Dawes)Wrist Chopper (Abbott's Magic Co.1960's) Master Magic Set (Sherms, c.1929) Prest - Oh - Chimney (U.F. Grant) Magician Eugene Laurant Card (c.1930's)
T.V. Magic Set (c.1975) Mint ! Gung Ho Box ( Norm Nielsen, c.1960's) Magician Max Thiel Throw Card (c.1930's) The Bowl of Gobi Magician Max Thiel (c.1930's) Magician Max Thiel (.1930)
Magician Max Thiel Grouping (c.1930) Vintage 36" Santa Silk (100% Pure Silk, Gorgeous ! ) Conjuring Tricks Set (c.1920's) Conjuring Set ( England, c.1920's) Mother Hubbard (Supreme, c.1970's) Posi - Negative (Luber Fiedler - Supreme, c.1970's)
3' x 9' Rice Rainbow Streamer ( Rice, SKS) Cash Vanish (Herpick, c.1950's) Vanishing Candle & Silk Set (Fantasio, c.1970's)Devil Silk 36" (Tannen,c. 1950's) Run Bonzo Run (Jack Hughes, England) Mismade Rainbow Silk (Rice, SKS)
Star Burst 36" Silk (Rice , SKS) Okito Token (1988) Don Redmon / Okito Price List (c.1950's) Chavez Studio of Magic Booklet (c1960)Magician Max Thiel (c.1930) Transpo - Silko (Rice, SKS)
Double Color Changing Silks (Rice, SKS) Ency. Mentalism & Mentalists (2011 first edition) Die - Sational (c.1975) Rainbow Burst 36" Silk (Japan, c.1980's) The "Flash" Houlette (Merv Taylor, c.1950)Collectors' Ball - Marble Vase (Brass)
Vintage Spring Flower Bouquet (Londono's, 1960's) Kineti - Key (Viking Mfg.) Four Wrongs (Abbott's Magic Co.c.1940's) Dragon Silk 36" (Tannen, 1950's) Magicians Coffee & Cotton Vase (c.1930) Tote Bag ( U.. Grant - O'Neal )
Porper Paddle (New !) Slip Off Spots (Vintage & Still Sealed) Card Silk ( Rice SKS c.1960's) Adam's Magic (c.1960's) Princess Yvonne Poster (c.1920's) Baby Yvonne Magic Poster (c.1920's)
Buried Treasure (Arturo, c.1960's) Imperial Rice, Orange & Checkers (c.1978) American Flag 24"x 36" Silk (Rice, SKS) What's Next (Tenyo,c.1970's) Vintage Change Bag (Germany)Germain Brochure & Bookplate (c.1900's)
Steel Ball Thru Brass Nut ( Vintage E-Z Magic Co.) Chinese Rice Bowls (Abbott's Mfg. Co.) Shooting A Ribbon Illusion Set (awesome piece !) Chinese Cans ( Grant / Menge, c.1940's ) P&L Brahmin Rice Bowls (c.1940's ) Jumbo Phanto Tube (Mak Magic Co. c.1970's)
Wooden Three Shell Game Clock Dial (Very Rare Tenyo, c.1960's) Elegant Table Base & Flange (Chu's Magic Studio, c.1970's) Lance Burton etc. Coin Fan # T - 12 (Tenyo, Japan c.1970's) Magician La - Haraja (c.1940's) Magician Brush The Great (c.1920's)
Cartex Trick (Made in W. Germany) Party Magic Set  (Tenyo Magic, c. 1973)Collection of Paddle Effects Cracker Jack Magic Kit (c.1960's) Magicians Changing Bag (Supreme, c.1970's - 80's) Magician Stock Poster (c.1920's)
Magician Chinese Coins & Shell The Classic Silken Top Hat (c.1980's) Antique Black Art - Spirit Cabinet Skull (c.1920 - 30's) Homar Spirit Cabinet 1/2 Sheet (Donaldson Litho Co., c.1920's)Ball Vase (Davenport, c.1930's) Aladdin Magic Set (P&L Mfg. Co., c.1917)
Magician Stuart Cramer Card (c.1940) Brush Master Magician Card (c.1920's) Magician J.D. Herbe "A Mysterious Night" (c.1920's) Magic Chinese Bottle & Prayer Vase Set (Vintage Adams' )Coin Through Match (Tenyo, Japan c.1960's)Mystic Coins (Germany c.1940's)
Wonder Blocks (Royal Magic, c.1950) Silent Mora Book (William Rauscher, 2014)Red, White & Blue Cones (Adams' c.1920's) Card Tray (Mazda Magic Co. c.1940's) Zombie Foulard & Ball SetRecord Mystery (W.Y. Chu's Magic Studio, c.1975)
Rainbow Silk Blow Dying (Rainho, c.1960's) Mind Power Deck (John Kennedy) *Rare* Mysto Magic Set #20 (c.1950) COMPLETE ! Pluckem Puzzle (Adams' c.1930's - 40's) Star Prediction (George Schindler, 2008) Un - Cola (Mak Magic Co. c.1977)
Vanishing Champagne Sensation ( Tannen)Professional Color Changing Fan (Japan) Chick - A - Dee Pan (c.1970's) Low Profile Dove Pan (c.1980's) Drawer Box ( A.W. Gamage, England c.1920) Carrington Le Formidable Magicien Presente Le Spectacle Le Plus Effarant du Siecle. Harford, Paris, ca. 1920
Hearsum Switch - O - Frame (c.1950's - 60's)  SOLD !Yomo & Yoma Fakirs (Marx Toys, c.1950's) Horsman Magic Outfit (c.1918) Sherms Magic Set (c.1920's- 30's) Howdy Doody Magic Kit (c.1950's) Chinese Bottle (Adams' c.1940's)
Astro Flight Gems (Dom Paolino, c.1978) Merv Taylor - Disneyland Magic Shop (c.1950's) Maniac Gems (P.Cinimod, c. 1977) Nite - Club Dove Vanish ( Mak Magic Co. c.1970's ) Rainbow Streamer 6" x 10 ft. (Rice, SKS) Okito On Magic ( 1973 edition - Great Book !)
Mak Magic Co. (c.1970's - 1980's) The Slanguage Dictionary (c.1940's) Astro Flight (P. Cinimod, c.1977) Mysto Coin Tray & Coins ( c.1930's ) Utility Dye Tube ( Rice,c.1950's ) Kellar's Wonder Book & Pinback Set (Phil Temple)
Moxahalla (Grant / Mak Magic Co. c.1977) Chinese Mini Square Circle Magician Thurston Coin (c.1929) Thayer Quality Magic BookAntique Smoker (Germany,c.1930's) Deceptive Square Circle (Mak Magic Co.)
Magician Al Flosso Ephemera Lot (c.1940's) Drawer Box #1086 (Chu's Magic Studio, c.1970's Rare !)Serpent Silk (H.Rice SKS Studios)Crystal Silk Cylinder ( Grant, c.1960's ) Water & Flower Vanish (Vintage Abbott's Mfg. Co.) Airflite Coin (Adams' c.1940's)
Brahmin Style Rice Bowls Magician Marshall The Mystic (c.1900) Rice & Orange Vase ( D.A. Tayade c.1976) Serpentina (P. Cinimod, c.1976) Mysto Card Tricks Set (Mysto Magic - Gilbert, c.1922)Strip Tease Paddle (Adams' c.1940's - 50's)
Enchanted Cylinders (Jay Leslie, 2006) Exchange Canister (Bland,c.1880s) Jumbo Stage Change Bag ( Property of Carter The Great) c.1900'SSing - Toy Checkers Thru Silk (Vintage Mak Magic Co.) Comedy Zipper Change Bg (P&L Mfg. Co.)Phanto Tube (Sherms, c.1940's)
Chung Ling Soo (c.1900's) Magic Egg Cup (c.1930's - 40's Davenports Magic, England) Al Baker Rice Bowls With Cover ! (Lou Tannen Originals) Indian Rice Bowls (D.A. Tayade, c.1970's) Rice to Orange Vase (Esposito,c.1980's) Rice Bowls (Original Al Baker, c.1940)
Satanic Tube (Owen Magic Supreme) Passe Bottles (International Magic Studio,England) Peacock 36" Silk (Japan, c.1980's) Prediction Modern (c.1966, Simplex Magic Co.) Magician Martino & Nita (c.1900's) Deceptive Square Circle (Mak Magic Co., c.1980's)
Devil's Canister (Mak Magic Co. c.1970's) The Bengal Turban Mystery (Owen Magic Supreme)Color Changing Fan (Warren Hamilton, c.1960) Carter The Great - Miss Evelyn Maxwell (c.1918) Dragon Silk 6' x 6' (New, Royal Magic)Magician Gordon Poster (National Litho, c.1910)
Comedy Passe Bottle Set (Abbott's Mfg. Co. c.1940's - 50's) Antique Magic Lot Thin Model Card Case ( 1 of 12 Brass Engine Turned, c. 1980's ) Viking Mfg. Rice, Orange & Checkers (Owen Magic Supreme) Jumbo Find The Lady Cards ( Camelot Creations, c.1970's) Billiard Ball Set Deluxe ( Collectors' Workshop - Viking Mfg .Co. )
Vampire Die (Owen Magic Supreme) Tarbell Orange Vase (Viking Mfg. - Collectors' Workshop, Hallmarked) Jumbo Royal Fantasy (Lubor Fiedler,c.1980's) Buddha Cones (Owen Magic Supreme) Color Changing Fan (Warren Hamilton, c.1960) 6 Ft. Dragon Silk (Original Rice Studios)
The Enchanted Tube (Chicago Magic Co. c.1930's) Assortment of Antique Vanishing Apparatus Demon Magic Nut (Davenport's Magic, England c.1940's) Mysto Magic Mailing Tube Premium Set (c.1920's) Vintage Magician Silken Top Hat Magician LaFollette, Rush Ling Toy (George Reushling) (c.1920's)
Fire to Silks / Flowers ( Large Size c.1970's) Nite - Club Dove Vanish (Mak Magic Co., c.1970's)Egyptian Water Box (Mak Magic Co. c.1978) Ping & Pong Chinese Sticks (Wayne Dobson) Break - A - Part Fan (Owen Magic Supreme) Deluxe E-Z Magic Set (c.1953, D. Robbins Co.)
Mysto Magic Set (c.1950) Complete & Very Scarce Blue BoxReal Magic Set (S.S. Adams, c.1920's) The Great Nicola Letter (c.1922) Super Puzzles Set (Sherms, c.1930's) Ventriloquist Dummy Dan Doll (Ralph Freundlich 1930's USA) Blackstone Sr. Oversize Window Card (c.1953) 20" x 28"
Conjurers Casket Antique Magician Set (c.1930) Tayade Style Balls ( for Cups & Balls - Tom Frank) Hindu Cups ( D.A. Tayade, c.1970's) Harry Houdini Action Figure (2005) Mysto Magic (c.1930's -40's) Square Circle (Warren Hamilton, c.1950)
Bamboo Wands (Owen Magic Supreme)Chinese Die Box (c.1950's)Magician Harold 2 Sheet Poster (France, c.1930's)Chinko Side Table (Thayer, c.1930's) Magician Harold Poster (France, c.1930) Lieut. W. Allen (pitch book, c.1890's)
Pocket Fire Bowl (Tim Star, Sweden) Ball Vase Set (Viking Mfg.) custom piece ! Bongo's Blendo Dragon ( Rice Silks Magic Inc.) Chinese Rice Bowls (Thayer Mfg. c.1930)Magician Reno Window Card (c.1930's)Fu - Ling's Laundry (Mak Magic Co. c.1986)
Treasure Box (Mikame Craft,Japan) Botania (Mingus Magic c.1950's - 60's) Chinese Coin Tray (c. 1930's) Okito Pop - Out Promo Piece (Dr. Albo ? reproduction) Lubor Fiedler "School Book" (Very Scarce ! Limited Editions Magic)Chen Lee Water Suspension (U.F. Grant, c.1960's)
Lota Bowl (Enardoe's Chicago, IL.c. 1950's - 60's) W.G. Edwards Co. Magic Catalog (Buffalo, NY. c.1909)The Great Lyle (England, c.1940's) Chink Cans (U.F. Grant, c.1960's) Thimble Full Of Salt (c.1970's) Chu's Hand Painted Case (Chu's Magic Studio, Hong Kong, c.1970's)
Standard Die Box (Vintage Abbott's Magic Co.) 6ft. x 6ft. Dragon Silk (Royal Magic) Blackstone Sr. Show Pass (c.1920's)  Houdini Pocket Watch (Ingersoll, c.1960) Acrobatic Silks (Mak Magic Co. c.1970's) Prof. Hoffman's Obedient Ball (Colin Rose, England)
Antique Coin Vanishing Vase (c.1900's Germany) Paragold Milk Chest (U.F. Grant, c.1950's) Rare ! Magician Conde D'Aguilar (c.1940) Color Changing Plumes (Mingus Magic . c.1950's - 60's) Mephisto's Coin Box (P&L Mfg. Co.) Virgil Ticket Sheet  (c.1940's)
Houdini Pocket Watch #2 (Ingersoll, c.1960) Alexander Herrmann (Stoddard, Gilbert, c.1902) Confetti Vase (Janos Bartl, Germany c.1930) Magician John Calvert Poster (c.1950) Chinese Color Changing Fan, Chu's Magic Studio, Hong Kong c.1970's) A Rarity ! Nite - Club Dove Vanish (U.F. Grant, c.1950's - 60's)
Levante "Steel Trunk" Poster ( Large, c.1954) Production Vase & Flower (Thayer Mfg.c.1930) The Great Nesbitt (England, c.1920's) The Great Nicola (c.1930 signed) Chen Lee Water Suspension (U.F. Grant, c.1950's) Die Box (c.1975 Chu's Studios, Hong Kong)
Petrie Comedy Egg Bag (P&L Mfg.) Jumbo Fraidy Cat Rabbit (Mak Magic Co. c.1990's) Magician Poster (Russell - Morgan U.S. Lithograph Co. c.1906) The Great Virgil Window Cards (c.1940's & 50's) Chu's Magic Studio Business Card (c.1975) Rare ! Will Rock - Thurston Card (c.1950's)
Chinese 10" Linking Rings (Mfg. by Bumper, c.1980's) Signor Arvi Book (T.Dawson 2015) Only 150 Printed Virgil & Julie Double Sided Card (c.1950's) Silkola & Wand (c.1970's Tayade Magic) Silk Cabby (Norm Nielsen, c.1960's) Visible Changing Card (Robert Swadling Magic. England 1993)
Magician Horace Goldin (c.1939) Magician The Great Marvin Poster (c.1940's - 50's) Alexander Book (D. Charvet, c.2007) Set of 3 Antique Pieces & Litho (c.1920) Magician Thurston Spirits (c.1920's)  Chinese Prayer Vase (Denmark, c.1960's)
The Great Wooley (Jerry Lewis, c.1958) Magic Egyptian Tears (Sterling Magic Co., c.1943) The Blue Phantom (Owen Magic Supreme, c.1990's) Color Changing Fan (Ali Bongo Estate, England) Magician John Calvert Poster (c.1940's - 50's) Alexander's Book of Mystery (c.1923)
Conjuring Tricks Set (England, c.1940) Chinese Wands ( Clint Riedel, c.1960's)Oriental Die Box (Owen, c.1960) Very Scarce ! Harry Houdini - Bess Signed Photo (c.1920's) Virgil Magic Circus (c.1940's) Rare ! Magician - Vent Professor King (c.1870's)
Vintage Sideshow Poster (c.1930's - 40's) Antique Magic Ball & Vase (c.1920) David Price Magic Token (Egyptian Hall Museum, Brentwood, TN.) Chinese Square Circle (U.F. Grant c.1940's)The Great Nicola (c.1940Carter The Great (c.1920's - 30's)
Life of The Party Set (S.S. Adams Co., c.1950's)Magician Edwin Brush Throw Out Card (c.1930's) Mechanical Magician Bank (Japan, c.1970) Rice, Ball & Checkers (Don Esposito's P&L Magic Workshop, c.1979) Black Light Magic Poster (c.1960's) Jumbo Phanto Tube (U.F. Grant (c.1950's - 60's)
The Mystery Man ASKA Brochure (c.1940's) Bland Magic Catalogue (c.1880 F.E. Powell's personal copy) The Great Virgil Poster (Globe Printing Co., c.1946) Gamages Bound Magic Catalogs (London,c.1920's) Pro.Size Water Suspension (Mak Magic Co., c.1978) Acrobatic Silks (Mak Magic Co., c.1980's)
Little Blue Box (Chalet - Miller, c.1980's) Classic Magic Supplement II (Dr. Robert Albo, c.1989) Tricky Champagne Bottles (Mak Magic Co., c.1970's) Magician Franciscus Letterhead (c.1900) Thurston Book of Mystery (c.1930) Ching Lee Foo Can & Comedy Awl (c.1950's - 60's EZ - Magic)
Die Thru Hat (France, c.1870's) Rainbow Billiard Ball Set (Loftus Magic, c.1950's) Kuma Tubes (Mak Magic Co., c.1970's) Grant's ABC Sucker Die Box (Mak Magic Co., c.1970's) Fire To Silks (Mak Magic Co., c.1980's) Tricky Bottles (U.F. Grant, c.1960's)
Vintage Magic Header Rack Card (S.S. Adams Co., c.1957) Imp Bottle (Adams' c.1950's) Modern Magic (Prof. Hoffmann, c.1878, 1st American edition) O'Neal Magic Co. Catalog (1960's -70's) Miracle Dove Vanish (Mak Magic Co., c.1970's) Chen Lee Water Suspension (O'Neal - Grant, c.1960's)
The Wonderful "C - Thru" Cylinders (U.F. Grant - Jimmy King, c.1970) Fish Bowl Production (O'Neal Magic - U. F. Grant, c.1960's) Wand Suspension Gimmick (Conradi, c.1920) The Amazing Ballantine (Carl Ballantine Letter, c.1946) The Great Aska Poster (Louisville, KY., c.1930's) Harry & Beatrice Houdini Seance Photo (Los Angeles, California,
Die Box (Viking Haenchen Mfg., c.1980's - 90's) W.C. Franciscus Throw Out Card (c.1900) Handkerchief & Egg (National Magic Co.,c. 1940's) Two Antique Magic Pieces (c.1880's -1900) Drawer Box (Mak Magic Co., c.1979) Magician Harry Kellar Handwritten Note (dated 11 March 1900)
Antique Tin Metal Cups & Balls (France, c.1870's) Mak Magic Co. Catalog no.5 (c.1980's) Magician John Booth (c.1944) Magician Al Wheatley - Chop Chop (c.1950's) Antique Brass Dye Tube (c.1900's) Divination Bottle (Germany, c.1900 - 20)
Martinka - Houdini Catalog (c.1919) Martinka Magic Catalog (c.1910) Magician's Road To Fame (Laurance Glen,c.1921) Spirit Slate Writing and Kindred Phenomena. (William E. Robinson,New York, NY Munn and Co., 1898) Grant's Chain Welding (Mfg. by Jimmy King, c.1970) The Great Virgil & Julie (c.1950's)
The Great Virgil & Julie (c.1950's) Egyptian Water Box (U.F. Grant, c.1950's) Deluxe Spun Copper Miniature Rice Bowls (Golden's Magic Wand, Pasadena, CA.,c.1940's - 50's)Sympathetic Checkers (U.F. Grant, c.1952) Devil Cannister (Mak Magic Co., c.1970's) Blackstone Sr. Advertising Blotter (c.1920's)
Dagger Livestock Vanish ( U.F. Grant - Jimmy King c. 1970) Bamboo Chest & Glass (Mak Magic Co.,c.1989) Clint Riedel Magic Catalog (Very Rare !, c.1960's) Color Changing Egg Vase (Germany) Magician John Calvert Assistant's Scrapbook (c.1940's) Carter's Magic & Magicians ( Charles J. Carter, c.1903)
The Great Virgil Book (D Charvet, c.1991) SOLD ! Virgil Ticket Block (c.1950's) Adams Magic Set (c.1970's) very scarce!T.V. Magic Set (c.1970's) Chinese Rice Bowls (Paul Clive's Witchcraft Magic Co. England c.1930's) Rare ! Classic Magic Index Vol. 7 (Dr. Robert Albo, c.1986)
Fantasta Checks (Resor - Arturo. c.1960, very rare as complete) Magician Maro Brochure (Houdini, c.1898) Lucite Wand (Merv Taylor Magic Co., c.1950's) Swastika Magic Co. (c.1899 - 1909) Pre dates Mysto Magic Mfg. Co. & P&L Mfg. Mysto Manufacturing Co. Brochure (c.1911 - 12) Magician Howard Thurston Show Advert (c.1920's)
Fantastic Fan (Abbott's Magic Co.) Magicians Antique Marble Vase (c.1910 - 20) Supreme Rice Bowls (Owen Magic Supreme) Magician Kim Kee 8" x 10" (c.1940's) Antique Dove Pan (c.1900's a real gem) Dye-A-Ball-Ic (Owen Magic Supreme)
Magician Poonjee Lot (c.1960) The Great Virgil (c.1952) Chen Lee Tea Chest Vanish (U.F. Grant, c.1950's - 60's) Moxahalla (Mak Magic Co., c.1977) Gilbert Mysto Magic Set #1 (WW2 version ,c.1940's) Magician Fredrik The Great Poster (National Litho, c.1905 - 15)
Vase of Allah (E-Z Magic Co., c.1940's) Turkish Turmoil (Mak Magic o., c.1970's) Set of Rabbit Silks (Abbott's Magic Co. 24" each) Sorcar Sr. Poster (c.1950's ) Multiplying Billiard Balls (1 3/4" Owen Magic Supreme)  Razor Blade Mystery (Owen Magic Supreme)
Grant's ABC Sucker Die Box (Vintage Mak Magic Co.) Antique Ball & Vase (c.1910 - 20) Red Devil Conjuring Outfit (c.1930's) Rare ! Wonder Blocks (Royal Magic, c.1940's) Holden's Flowers & Tray (c.1940's) Billiard Ball Box (Owen Magic Supreme)
 The Great Nicola (c.1920's) Thayer Videos & Book Boxed Set (Doc Albo. c.1990's) Magician Virgil & Julie Window Card (c.1940's) Double Load Pagoda (Mak Magic Co., c.1980's) Divination Supreme (Owen Magic Supreme) Pagoda Mystery (Owen Magic Supreme)
The Great Nicola (c.1921) Professor Benjamin - Zenobia Letterhead (c.1899) Modern Lota (Abbott's Magic Co., c.1952)  Wooden Ball & Vase (c.1920's) Imp Bottle (John McKinven, Rare !) Harry Blackstone Sr. (Poster Concept Pieces)
Thurston Presents Tampa (c.1930) Confetti, Coffee & Milk (c.1920's) Magician Fredrik Letterhead (c.1917, Rare !) U.F. Grant Magic Club Card (c.1944) Diminishing Egg (Conradi c.1920's, Germany) Vampire Die 3" (Owen Magic Supreme)
100th Year Anniversary Coin (Owen Magic Supreme) Pro.Size Water Suspension (Mak Magic Co., c.1970's) Rice Vase (Thayer, c.1930)Oriental Die Box (Owen Magic Supreme) P&L Drumhead Tube - Abbott's Stenciling (Very Rare !) Butterfly Box (Okito - Carl Williams, c.1992)
Chinese Side Tables / Stands Set (c.1940's) Chinese Stage Setting (c.1940's) Kim Kee Antique Magic Set (c.1920's) Magician Fantasio Three Autographs Thurston On Stage Poster (Will Rock, c.1940) Comedy Passe Bottles (Thayer - P&L)
100th Anniversary Coin (Owen Magic Supreme, c.2002)Thayer - Owen Candle To Flower (Owen Magic Supreme, c.2014) Set Of Vintage Magicians 18" Silks (U.K., C.1940's)  Multiplying Billiard Balls (Mysto Magic Mfg., c.1910) Blackstone's Trick Package (c.1940's)  Uncle Fester's Mystery Light (Original, c. 1964)
Handkerchief To Watch (Tricks Co. Japan, c.1970's)

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