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Posters, Window Cards, Broadsides, Lobby Cards
Posters, Window Cards, Broadsides, Lobby Cards
The original images shown below are what we currently offer for sale. All items are originals as we do not sale any reproductions ! Click on any image for a larger view and more information on the item of interest.
1 Sheet (c.1940's) Price $45.001/2 Sheet (c.1950's - 60's) Price $250.001/2 Sheet (c.1930's) Price $150.008"x10" (c.1910) Price $200.00Virgil "Magicana" Window Card (c.1950's)Broadside (c.1900's) Price $55.00
Magician Ace Gorham Broadside ( c.1930's)Will Goldston Magic Set Label (c.1930's) Magician Willard Smith Window Card (c.1940's)Albo Museum Poster (Dr. Robert Albo, c.1979) Classic Magic Series Poster (Albo) Vol.11 Stock Window Card (Central Show Printing, c.1950's)
Magician Sorcar Poster (c.1960's) Magician Virgil Poster (c.1952) Vintage Sideshow Poster (c.1940's) Magician Kirkham Poster (c.1940's) The Great Virgil Window Card (c.1930's) The Great Virgil "Sheila" Window Card (c.1940's)
San Francisco Magic Poster (Dr. R. Albo, c.1980's) Magician Thurston - Albo Poster ( R. Albo, c.1985)Magician The Great Lyle (c.1930's) RARE ! Gordon & Virgil Poster (Very Rare,1935) The Great Virgil Poster (Globe Printing Co., c.1946) The Great Virgil "Jungle" Poster (c.1940's)
Magician The Great Marvin Poster (c.1940's - 50's) Black Light Magic Poster (c.1960's) The Great Aska Poster (Louisville, KY., c.1930's)Magician Virgil & Julie Window Card (c.1940's) Thurston On Stage Poster (Will Rock, c.1940) The Great Nicola (c.1920's)
Magician Homar Poster (c.1920's) Magician The Great Cecil Poster (c.1940's) Magician Fredrik The Great Poster (National Litho, c.1905 - 15) Sorcar Sr. Poster (c.1950's ) Amazing Randi Levitation Poster (c.1970's) Very Scarce Magician Stock Poster (c.1920's Donaldson Litho Co.)
Magician Carrington Poster  (Paris, c.1920)Escher "Buddha" Magician Poster (Lithographer: F. X. Schroff )